Apostolic Ministry, Methods, and Doctrine

Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution which partners with local churches and districts to develop leaders in the Apostolic model. Purpose Institute provides curriculum and systems designed to enhance ministry training and make it accessible to emerging leaders.

Leaders are Learners

Every great leader is a lifelong learner. Foundational preparation prior to ultimate effectiveness is a leadership reality. Systematic training speeds development as a leader. The fact that you are curious about training is a sure sign that you understand that qualifying for leadership is an absolute. Through Purpose Institute, you can now be trained by local mentors and achieve a high level of Biblical, leadership, and spiritual expertise. We are honored that you are exploring your options for training with Purpose Institute.

Training is a serious matter. The Lord’s worldwide harvest depends on qualified leaders. If the harvest at home or abroad is slowed down, it is for the lack of trained leadership. Purpose Institute can help. Purpose Institute is a highly effective vehicle providing ministry education for local leaders while allowing them to remain faithful to their local church, their work, and their families. The evidence since Purpose Institute’s beginning is overwhelming. Those who are utilizing this training option are meeting the need in their local churches for qualified leaders.

A Shortage of Qualified Leaders

It seems that there is always a shortage of qualified leaders. Not only does the efficiency of the worldwide harvest depend on qualified leaders, the local church depends on it too! Even though that is true, churches with a systematic approach to preparing leaders are the exception and not the rule. Pastors already have their schedules full with many operational responsibilities. Finding the time necessary to train leaders continues to be a great challenge

Our Solution

Often, the local church’s progress is slowed down when leaders are forced to develop on the slow track. There are so many jobs to do, so many ministries that need to start, so many departments that suffer under inexperienced leaders—the problem isn’t that we don’t have enough ideas, room for others in our ministries, or even enough people—the problem is that we don’t have enough qualified people. Purpose Institute is a tool in the hands of local church pastors and regional leaders wanting to raise up leaders for the harvest. When potential leaders have the benefit and rigors of systematic training offered by a local group of proven leaders, it speeds their preparation and ultimate effectiveness. They can continue in their local church ministries and tend to the demands of living without relocating. They can now be trained by their natural local mentors in a very effective way. The curriculum leads them through comprehensive Biblical, spiritual, and leadership instruction.


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